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I’ve been a FXB member since March 2010. I am a dad, uncle, son and husband. I instruct kickboxing and strength training and have recently become the head coach/manager/co-owner.  My favorite kickboxing combo is jab-cross-kick. Favorite music is country and favorite song is Made of Scars. I enjoy coaching my son in youth sports, go karts and hanging out with neighbors. Thanks to Farrell’s for being my exercise, social hour, sport and change to help others achieve their goals.
I started Farrell's in 2013 and have not looked back since. Farrell's has given me the ability to help others and start living a healthy lifestyle. I have 3 girls at home. They also have started trying to exercise when they can and eat as healthy as possible. I just keep trying to lead by example.
I started Farrell's in 2013 after hearing about it from multiple friends. Prior to FXB I "ran" on a treadmill in my basement, did not like group fitness and did not work out in public. During my 10 weeks I became hooked. I love the family atmosphere and accountability. After my first year of FIT, my husband, Paul and I partnered with Jeff and Jenny to become franchise owners. Outside of the gym I am a pharmacist and mother of 2 very busy boys.
I have been a member of Farrell's since August 2013. I have 2 amazing twin boys that keep me on my toes all the time. Not only do i need the fitness to keep up with them but I need it for my career. Farrell's has changed me not only on the outside but also on the inside.
My fitness journey began in 2013. I have a wife and two beautiful girls. Nothing makes me happier than seeing FIT and new FXB students doing something I love so much and watching them succeed! Farrell's is the only fitness program that has kept my interest. The program works if you let it.
I started Farrell's with the first FXB group at this location in 2009. I have 5 girls and am glad that due to Farrell's I am confident in the example I've shown them. A wonderful journey from 350lbs to an Instructor, I am elated to pay it forward!
Farrell’s became my home away from home in April 2015.  Never before had I been more determined to make serious changes that would make me a better person, inside and out.  I call Farrell’s home because of the people and the warm welcome I receive each and every day.  I am constantly challenged and held accountable, which are keys to my success.  Instructing both kickboxing and strength training allows me to lead by example.  I love being a part of this crazy family!
- I began Farrell's in the spring of 2013 and I was blown away with my results. This program has taught me how to persevere through challenges both in and out of the gym and accomplish feats I never thought I could.
I am a physics teacher in Des Moines. I couldn't imagine going through life without being active. Farrell's gives me the ability, constant reminders, and the motivation to do so.
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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Des Moines Southside

4230 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321

Phone: (515) 287-2739 
Head Coach: Jeff Koudelka
Franchise Owner: Southside KXB: Jeff & Jenny Koudelka and Paul & Michelle Benschoter



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